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Zululand Conservation

Zululand protected areas are critically important as they are home to an incredible diversity of plant and animal life. They also face several threats, such as poaching, habitat loss, and climate change. Manyoni’s strong conservation ethic informs every aspect of its management strategy. Supporting these efforts is the reason Rhino Sands was created, and we hope to share our passion for the area with our guests. 


Rhino Sands was designed to leave as small a footprint on the game reserve as possible. Semi-permanent structures, minimal disturbance to the forest, self-reliance for water and energy, and responsible running practices have been part of our business since inception. Together with the reserve’s conservation efforts, we believe sustainable practices will help preserve our natural resources. 


Game reserves in South Africa often have hard boundaries to protect wildlife because of the high human population. Without the support and cooperation of communities that live on these boundaries it would be very challenging to protect these key ecosystems. Creating a mutually beneficial relationship between communities and game reserves is a keystone of long-term conservation success. In addition to working with our local community for hiring and project funding, we also support numerous community upliftment programmes through the Zululand Conservation Trust. 

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