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Travel Tips for Zululand

Zululand is a year-round safari destination, but each season holds a different experience for our guests.

What to bring

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Unless you have a walking safari planned, technical neutral-coloured clothes are not necessary for a Rhino Sands safari. On a game drive vehicle colour and pattern of clothing is not restricted, though we do suggest comfortable, breathable layers. We also suggest practical, comfortable shoes. We do not require guests to dress up for meals, though you are welcome to if you please. 

Game drive items

The two items that will add the most to your safari experience are binoculars and a camera. For your comfort and protection, we suggest wearing sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat on the safari vehicle (especially in the summer months). This should fit snuggly enough not to get blown off while driving. 

travel tips for zululand - game drive
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Seasonal considerations

There is quite a lot of variation from what we would consider normal seasonal conditions, especially in recent years. We recommend that no matter what season you travel in, you plan a small number of items for all conditions just in case. In winter we suggest bringing along a winter jacket, scarf, beanie, gloves, warm pajamas and warm slippers. In summer we suggest bringing a swimming suit. Layers are key to comfort on safari no matter the season.

Health considerations

Rhino Sands is in what is officially referred to as a low-risk malarial area. In the last twenty years there have been no active outbreaks of malaria in the area but sporadic isolated cases have been recorded. There are no required vaccinations to enter South Africa. Please always consult your doctor for advice on travel concerns including malaria prophylaxis and vaccinations. 

Please take any necessary medications with you. We also suggest travelling with a small first aid kit with commonly required medications and equipment. Our closest doctor and pharmacy are approximately 20 minutes drive away. Our closest private hospital is in Richard’s Bay, approximately 1.5 hours drive away.

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Rhino Sands provides insect spray, umbrellas and water-resistant rain ponchos for game drive. We have a limited selection of toiletries available in the room. We strongly suggest bringing and wearing sun cream, even in the winter months.

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