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Private Game Reserve

An extraordinary Zululand wildlife sanctuary

Manyoni Private Game Reserve is a Big 5 reserve of exceptional beauty and has become well known for its world-class wildlife viewing. The reserve boasts dramatic landscapes and high numbers of wildlife along with a strong focus on conservation.
The reserve was originally formed in 2004 when 17 private properties in the northern Zululand area dropped their fences. The impetus for this was participation in the WWF’s Black Rhino Range Expansion Project. The joining of properties created a 57,000 acre privately owned game reserve in the heart of Zululand, one of the most animal-rich and species-diverse areas of South Africa.

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Beyond the famed Big 5, Manyoni Private Game Reserve proudly hosts an abundance of plains game, showcasing the remarkable biodiversity that graces its expansive grounds. A noteworthy aspect of the reserve’s mission lies in its unwavering dedication to the reintroduction of endangered species, exemplifying a commitment to the broader ecological balance.

Noteworthy successes include the triumphant return of both cheetahs and pangolins to their natural habitat, underscoring the reserve’s prowess in conservation efforts. Despite facing challenges in the introduction of two packs of wild dogs, Manyoni Private Game Reserve remains resolute in its vision to provide a sanctuary for these endangered creatures as part of the country’s metapopulation strategy. The reserve eagerly anticipates the forthcoming success of its wild dog pack reintroduction, reinforcing its standing as a bastion of wildlife conservation and restoration.

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